What’s the Difference Between Decals and Stickers?

Even as someone who works with stickers and decals on a daily basis, I will admit I use the terms interchangeably. For someone who is in the market to purchase these products though, it can be confusing and will want to know the difference between the two as well as the different types that are available. So here’s what you need to know:

When most people hear sticker they think of things like the gold star you’d get on your homework in grade school. By definition, a sticker is “an adhesive label or notice, generally printed or illustrated” which brings in the further question of what exactly is a label?, but we’ll get back to that later. A sticker is often a piece of paper or plastic that has an adhesive on the back attached to a backing which can then be peeled off and placed on any smooth surface. Essentially “sticker” can be used as a catch all term for an object (typically paper or plastic) with an adhesive backing. It is also important to note that stickers are one solid piece. For example if you have a “sticker” that says America on it, you would peel off one solid piece rather than each individual letter. Stickers also typically have a stronger adhesive as they are meant to last a longer time.

To go back to the previous question of what is a label, there are different kinds of labels as well but most that are included in this category

Vehicle Graphics – 5 Reasons to Advertise With Your Vehicle

Owning a business is not an easy task. It consists of hundreds of responsibilities and proper planning of strategies so that your business can survive the fierce competition and make a brand identity of its own. For this reason, people go to advertisement consultants whom they have never met and have to invest in it for minimum one year. But advertisement through vehicle graphics is a very popular marketing strategy that is also very cost effective. Today’s world is a mobile world and that is why advertising through this method is a brilliant idea. Below are enlisted some of the reasons why this approach is very attractive.

Reach a larger audience – This type of advertising is capable of making at least 40,000 to 60,000 impressions per day.

Generating a favourable opinion – A very positive type of opinion is formed through this kind of advertising. More than 75% of the people say that they think that a company is quite reputable and successful when they go this from this type of publicity.

Increase awareness- This helps in increasing awareness among people and contributes to the creation of a brand identity. People start feeling that their neighbours are using this and as a result they start using this too.

Long lasting endeavour – One of the greatest advantages of this is that this type of advertisements last for years together. If you for some editorial publicity then that will capture the attention of the viewers for just one day.

Vehicle Advertising, Is It For You?

Fact: there are 253 million cars and trucks on the roads in the U.S. If say at any point about a quarter of those cars are on the road, that means 63,250,000 are on the road, divide by 50 states that’s 126,500 cars on the road at any given time in each state. Obviously these numbers differ and places like New York surely have more cars that the middle of Wyoming, but the point is no matter where you are, there are going to be others around you in their vehicles.

There are millions of small businesses and large ones at that popping up in the U.S. every year. With all this competition, don’t you think it’s time to consider a new method of advertising to get your company noticed? This is where all those random car facts come in, it’s time to consider vehicle advertising!

Think about the exposure billboards get every day. If you get the right location you can reach thousands of people in a matter of hours! Now imagine if that billboard was moving, driving around through town reaching all the more people. Is that the type of advertising you’d want for your business? If so, you should really look into vehicle advertising, and I’ll cover some of the most popular options to help you make the best decision.


I’m sure you’ve noticed those cars with crazy graphics and their brand name written all over them. These are called wraps and are typically large vinyl sheets with graphics printed

Maximize Returns Through High-Performance App Monetization

Many top app developers and studios are constantly looking for ways to maximize their returns on their apps, but most also struggle to do so. Monetizing your app can be extremely challenging when you do not have access to a network of premium in-app advertisers, and this is why so many are now seeking the services of high-performance mobile advertising agencies. These agencies bring together top developers and advertisers to help developers to grow their user base and acquire quality users, whilst also helping developers to maximize their app revenue and deliver exceptional results.

These mobile advertising agencies provide their clients with dedicated monetization specialists. These specialists assist through helping with ad placement and monetization strategies, whilst also ensuring that you are displaying the most effective and intelligent adverts each time. You can also benefit from these mobile advertising agencies by having direct relationships with the top in-app advertisers from around the world. This will give you access to limited release and high-performance advertising campaigns which will ensure that you are maximizing your returns.

What’s more, many of these agencies also utilize advanced partner matching technology. This ensures that you get matched with the best fit partner for a highly effective campaign and great results for both parties. You can often connect with these partners through a direct deals marketplace, where you can immediately connect with the best in-app advertisers and get your campaign off the ground. Here, you can get access to hundreds of exciting opportunities and connect with like-minded app

Perfect Digital Strategy for Home Improvement Companies

Whether it is fashion apparel or home improvement, every single business is now available on the virtual platform. However, this widespread digitization has completely revolutionized business marketing. Online advertising and digital marketing have become the need of the hour, thus increasing the demand for highly efficient marketers.

Since every business is different from the other, marketers need to take more responsibility while devising marketing strategies for each of them. When it comes to service-oriented businesses such as home improvement, there is more for marketers to do.

They need the best digital strategies capable of ensuring unsurpassed client satisfaction. Breeze through the article for a detailed discussion of the topic.

Aspects to Consider

Gone are the days when home improvement companies had nothing more to do than just pitch their sales and service offers. With the emergence of digital marketing, things have changed quite a bit. Numerous businesses are vying for customer attention. Hence, your marketing strategy needs to be different.

The main emphasis should be on creating a strong online presence, thus featuring at the top of SERPs. In addition, what better than effective content marketing can make that happen for you. If you own a home improvement business, you will need to develop focused and relevant marketing strategies for your company.

Remember, high-quality contents can take your brand to top search engine positions, thus attracting leads and converting them to potential consumers.

  1. What You Need To Do

Implementing the best digital strategies will take your business goals ahead. Moreover, it is here that traditional advertising

The Features And Benefits Of Using Portable Advertising

Portable advertising banners are some of the most exciting and attractive advertising solutions available at conferences and exhibitions today. You should consider getting custom-made portable advertising solutions for your next trade show to ensure your products stand out. By reviewing the benefits and advantages to be had by using these brightly colored displays, you will be able to maximize the results your exhibition advertising strategies generate.

Banners that are portable can be designed to meet your unique requirements too. There is an assortment of banner sizes for you to choose from to ensure your advertising displays look perfect in high-profile locations. Whether you are trying to bring more traffic to an exhibition booth, or you are just trying to provide potential customers with additional information about your products and services, you can use these customized solutions to achieve your advertising goals.

If portability is the key to your advertising strategy, you should start your search for the perfect advertisement by reviewing the various features of these products that make them so portable. Banners are typically very lightweight and can be folded up to make them easy to carry. Also, some companies now design their products to retract so that you can easily carry them after a long day of selling.

Advertising solutions that retract come in a wide range of sizes to meet each advertiser’s unique set of needs. Retractable banners only take mere seconds to set up and they look just as professional as any other advertising solution at exhibitions. Plus,

Why You Should Be Using Physical Signage To Advertise Your Local Business

A lot of companies are wholly focused on online advertising. They believe that this is the surest way to connect with their targeted markets. While social networking sites, company blogs and web pages are certainly viable platforms for outreach, they may not be ideal for connecting with and converting the prospects in your local area. Following are several reasons why physical signage is still an essential part of any good advertising campaign.

Signage is incredibly cheap and more importantly, an investment in a single sign can actually provide exponential returns. That’s because a single sign can hang for many years or it can be taken down and used again and again. Those that are fairly small in size are also extremely portable and can be taken on road trips to trade shows and other major marketing events.

It is important, however, to purchase high-quality signage that will wear well, particularly if you intend to use this at the commercial property exterior, where it is likely to have the greatest effects. This way, these products will not fade or show other evidence of serious wear and tear. Good signage will always reflect well on both your company and your brand.

People are tired of being inundated with marketing messages online given that they receive such a large number of these each and every day. The average individual is confronted with thousands of online advertising messages each day. It is simply impossible to consciously consider all of these.

Due to this fact, most consumers have